Coinciding with a small-scale organizational restructuring, the newly collected Design, Publishing, and New Media Department (DPNM) was eager to update the look of the website to a bolder, more contemporary look and feel. The technical team—comprising one web developer and a project and content manager—worked with the design team to address front-end concerns, while leaving the CMS largely intact. The “facelift” (pictured above) was launched in October 2011 and remains the design of the site while a new CMS is being built.

Pictured: A screenshot of the homepage. The site can be accessed here:

My role:
Project Manager, Content Strategist, and Design Collaborator

Project collaborators
Lead Developer: Robb Irrgang
Lead Designers: Robb Irrgang and James Goggin
Co-designers: Afredo Ruiz and Scott Reinhard