Content Strategy

A skilled and experienced project manager working with organizations to identify audience needs, align opportunities with institutional priorities, and lead collaborative teams to execute solutions.

Various tactics include information architecture analysis, usability studies, journey maps, persona development, card sorting, and tree testing. Clients have included the Andy Warhol Museum, the University of Colorado, the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Clyfford Still Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Content Strategy for The Andy Warhol Museum

The content strategy for the Andy Warhol Museum’s website redesign was informed by the Visitor Motivation Survey that the museum participated in a year prior. Working with staff at the museum, we also developed detailed user personas and created journey maps to facilitate a new approach to the information architecture for the site.

Usability Studies and Content Strategy for the Denver Botanic Gardens

The website redesign for the Denver Botanic Gardens began with a three-part site analysis, which included information architecture evaluation, peer institution research, and usability testing. The purpose of the analysis was to assess the usability of the current website’s design and structure and the efficiency of the site’s information architecture. The IA evaluation exposed pain points in the institution’s content management, and the usability testing revealed several blind spots in the design, both of which were addressed in the subsequent redesign.

Content Strategy for Colorado University

CU South Denver sitemap BLANK

After acquiring a functioning museum—The Wildlife Experience—the University of Colorado Denver began offering higher education courses at this new satellite location, which required a website that combined museum-related information with academic offerings and information about the larger CU system. It became apparent very quickly that semantics would play a critical role in a successful content strategy, as words like program and bookstore have very different meanings to each audience.

In order to address the project’s unique set of requirements, I employed several research tactics, including creating sitemaps and content inventories, and facilitating card sorts and usability studies.