About Me

I have more than a decade of experience in producing content, building platforms, and managing projects for cultural non-profits. Focused on aligning opportunities with institutional priorities, I am savvy about leading collaborative teams to create solutions.

I have specialized in user research, creative technology, and documentary-style storytelling. My background is in journalism, graphic design, and arts management.


For the past decade, I have focused on digital strategy and production for museums and cultural organizations. As a skilled and experienced project manager, I have a portfolio of projects that includes website design, video production, digital publishing, and platform design and development. I approach collaboration with energy, organization, and nuance.

I am currently working for The Metropolitan Museum of Art as an editorial manager and executive producer. I previously held digital leadership roles at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and have also worked as a digital strategy and production consultant for the Andy Warhol Museum, the Denver Botanic Gardens, the University of Colorado, Art21, the Biennial of the Americas, the Denver Art Museum, and the J. Paul Getty Trust.

I am also a co-founder of Denver-based non-profit Tilt West, an organization whose mission is to promote critical discourse focused on arts and culture through live events and publishing efforts. I have taught undergraduate and graduate-level students as adjunct faculty at several colleges and universities, including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Columbia College Chicago, and the University of Colorado Denver.

Writings & Presentations

Computer Lib/Nightmare Machines: Technology’s Impact on Cultural Communities
Prompter, Museum Computer Network 2018 (Denver), November 2018
Written Prompt

Legal Limitations and Technological Triumphs: Tales from a Contractually Bound, Single-Artist Museum
Co-presenter, Museum Computer Network 2018 (Denver), November 2018

Get In Where You Fit In: AR for Museums Large and Small
Co-presenter, Museum Computer Network 2018 (Denver), November 2018

Understanding our audiences: The Whitney’s Website Visitor Survey and its broader context
Co-presenter, Museum Computer Network 2018 (Denver), November 2018

Identity-related motivations online: Falk’s framework applied to US museum websites
Co-author, Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing, Spring 2018

Sustainable Multi-Format Digital Publishing with Quire (Workshop)
Co-presenter, Museums and the Web 2018 (Vancouver), April 2018

Video Crit Room
Panelist, Museums and the Web 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Mellon Digital Publication Convening at the High Museum of Art
Guest presenter, May 2017

Working Groups that Work Professional Forum
Panelist, Museums and the Web 2017 (Cleveland), April 2017

National Museum Website Visitor Motivation Survey: Results from Seven Institutions
Presenter, Museum Computer Network 2016 (New Orleans), November 2016
SlidesSession recording

User-centered Design: Visitor-First, Mobile-First: Designing a Visitor-Centric Mobile Experience
Co-author and Presenter, Museums and the Web 2016 (Los Angeles), April 2016

Falk Meets Online Motivation: Results from a Nationwide Survey Project
Presenter, Museums and the Web 2016 (Los Angeles), April 2016

WordPress as Museum Web CMS: Development and Content Strategy
Presenter, Museum Computer Network 2015 (Minneapolis), November 2015
Session recording

Storytelling in Video: Aspects of an Engaging Production (Workshop)
Presenter, Museum Computer Network 2015 (Minneapolis), November 2015

The MVP: Building the car while driving it: Using agile methodologies for changing project scopes
Co-author and presenter, Museums and the Web 2015 (Chicago), April 2015

Storytellers: Documentary-style video done well
Presenter, Museums and the Web 2015 (Chicago), April 2015

The New Media Revolution: How Arts Organizations Can Thrive in the Digital Age
Panelist, The Chicago Community Trust, 2008