Visitor Motivation Survey for


Visitor Motivation Survey for

The Visitor Motivation Survey of the MCA website was conducted to give the organization insight into how the site was being used. The intent was to be able to identify which kinds of users were accessing the site in an effort to analyze current and inform future online offerings.

Modeled after a study by the Indianapolis Museum of Art of their own website, the survey of the MCA’s site assumed IMA’s methodologies. A one-question survey was placed on the homepage of the MCA’s website, asking visitors to the site to self-identify into one of five user groups based on why they were visiting the MCA site that day. Custom variables were used to track their responses in Google Analytics, which allowed us to segment site traffic by motivational category and track their activity across the site.

The survey launched on Nov 4, 2013, and collected responses for 16 weeks, receiving 1,086 responses in total. A report based on the first eight weeks yielded valuable comparisons and insights of the MCA’s online audiences. Opportunities for potential growth of online audiences were identified, as well.

Project collaborator: Marty Spellerberg