Calder and Contemporary Art microsite


Calder and Contemporary Art microsite

Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy, paired the work of Alexander Calder with the work of seven contemporary artists whose practices are bound to Calder’s legacy as modern sculptor. While a well-known, even beloved figure, Calder had not previously been considered an important point of reference for contemporary artists. This was the first exhibition to explore Calder’s significance for an emerging generation of sculptors, reconsidering his influence and his innovation through a presentation of his own work alongside the work of contemporary artists.

The installation of the exhibition divided Calder’s work from that of the contemporary artists into two separate galleries, so we were interested in providing online users a tool for seeing the artists and their works in closer proximity to one another. The design of site—dividing the page in half and sliding content back and forth—reflected the physical installation while allowing users to move fluidly from one side to the other.


The interpretive textual material was layered with exhibition information, and information and links to related programs and products.

Pictured: Screenshot of the microsite’s homepage. The archived site can be accessed here:

My role:
Project Manager, Content Strategist, and Design Collaborator

Project collaborators
Interactive Designer and Developer: Robb Irrgang
Graphic Designers: James Goggin and Scott Reinhard
Content Creator: Lynne Warren