Platforms and Websites

Various projects include website redesigns, digital publishing, site migrations, content management system implementations, usability studies, CMS manuals and style guides, microsite projects, in-gallery kiosks, and educational technology applications.

Clyfford Still Museum’s Online Collection

“The unexpurgated online exhibition will reveal a fuller picture of Mr. Still’s work, with subjects ranging from log cabins, grain elevators and plow horses dating from the 1930s and quasi-Surrealist creations of the early 1940s to his later, more familiar towering abstractions.”
Phyllis Tuchman, New York Times

Showcasing the depth of the Clyfford Still Museum’s holdings and the breadth of Still’s artistic output, the CSM’s Online Collection is a clean, elegant interface that allows people across the globe to browse, search, and immerse themselves in Denver’s collection of the artist’s life work. Developed in partnership with UK-based digital media agency Cogapp, the platform features full-screen, deep-zoom capabilities, allowing an intimate viewing of the works at a scale that showcases Still’s detailed surfaces and reveals evidence of his hand. Additionally, the interface features multiple ways to search and browse the collection, allowing viewers to explore the Museum’s most treasured assets.

Still & Art Augmented Reality Experience

Photo by Paul Weinrauch for CSM.

“Not a gimmick or a tech toy, the augmented reality experience woven throughout ‘Still & Art’ makes a compelling case for the use of technology that is grounded in reality, but pushes our understanding and sense of possibility beyond physical boundaries.”
Tara Bardeen, Modern in Denver

Placing artworks by Clyfford Still in close dialogue with the works of other artists is a challenge born of Still’s well established philosophies on exhibiting his work. Therefore, when a curator endeavors to show Still’s work situated in an art historical context, one must get a bit creative. Enter augmented reality.

Made possible through a partnership with Google, GuidiGO (a software developer), and RYOT (a media company), an augmented reality application allows visitors to view artworks by artists like Vincent van Gogh and Georgia O’Keefe, virtually hanging alongside actual works by Still.

“The real surprise is the tactical brilliance of the virtual paintings … the renderings are terrific and do an effective job of presenting the work. Viewers can move about them like real paintings, getting close up or far away, and the surface textures — mounds of paint and scratches on canvas — can be seen and felt.”
Ray Mark Rinaldi, The Denver Post

The museum provides visitors smartphones, through which to use the augmented reality application. The app utilizes Google’s visual mapping technology, Tango, to pinpoint the visitor’s position in the gallery. When the visitor looks through the phone’s camera lens, virtual artworks appear to be in the gallery, next to the physical artworks actually hanging on the walls.

The Works on Paper Digital Catalogue

Clyfford Still: The Works on Paper is the first exhibition devoted exclusively to Still’s graphic art. The accompanying exhibition catalogue, the Museum’s first in a digital format, provides a visually rich experience of never-before-seen works. The online publication features installation photographs from every gallery wall in the exhibition, as well as high-resolution images of all 256 objects included in the exhibition. The deep-zoom interface allows for an intimate examination of these drawings, revealing evidence of Still’s hand and his mastery of drawing media.

The publication was created using a static-site-generator plugin (Simply Static) on a custom-coded theme in WordPress. Inspired by recent work in digital publishing by the Getty Museum, the static-site approach helps ensure stability and longevity for the publication and its scholarly content.

Distribution online has ensured a much larger audience for this work, a major priority for the Museum, whose collection rarely travels outside Denver. Online user sessions for the publication have far exceeded our expectations in numbers and geographic reach, and quickly surpassed estimates for sold copies of a print run.

E-pub and PDF formats are also available via the online publication at no charge. A 152-page print-on-demand softcover catalogue is available through CSM’s online store.